Kyleigh Marie Cowles

Third Time’s A Charm

In this heartbreaking but ultimately uplifting memoir, Kyleigh Marie Cowles was first adopted by a horrible family where she was trained to be a nanny and a maid by the age of five. They then put her in foster care, and she finally felt loved by three different families. But when she was forced to pick a family to adopt her, she picked the third family…which turned out to be just as bad as the first. She spent the next ten years trying to please that family, never getting to be her true self. High school was a nightmare. But at long last, she was finally given the foster family she wanted to be with in the first place. And then after 15 long years, she married and at last she got her forever family.

No matter how many things go wrong or what happens to you, there is always something or someone who will be there for you. Sometimes you just have to look to your past to find it.


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