Kama Mastromonaco

Who’s Your Hero?

Kama Mastromonaco believes true heroes are not the superheroes of movies, but the people who stand on the frontlines during a crisis, who lay their lives down for us on a daily basis, and those who are the closest to us and offer consistent inspiration, education, and protection.

This inspirational and colorfully illustrated picture book presents children with positive influences and strong role models to help them grow in today’s society. Included are a doctor, nurse, farmer, pilot, mother, father, brother, sister, firefighter, policeman, teacher, construction worker, and soldier. Each has brief description of why that character should be considered a hero.

A perfect book for parents, caregivers, and teachers of children ages 2-7, helping kids to look up to different types of people and professions, and see them in a heroic light.


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