Epathia Lockett

Working out the BALANCE of my life

This is a small history of my book in one of my chapter was talking about the cup of Salvation, how his Father did not have anyone else, to send but his only son no one was worthy but his son when we talk about the cup the question is who will take the bitter cup, no one but Jesus he told his disciple to drink of this cup which is my blood, eat this bread which is my body, now the cup that Jesus, was drinking, out of was the cup for your sin and my, Jesus pray every day, he was getting ready for his mission his Father had for him to do, Jesus is carrying a heavy load, what I see is Jesus is carrying, his cross this was so much for him to bear, the cross was heavy, they beat my Jesus they pierce him in his side, and the blood came, steaming down, we all have a cross we have to bear, but I know in my heart, your cross will be nothing like the cross Jesus had to carry his Father could not look at his own son, why? Because he was carrying the weight of the whole world on his shoulder, he was carrying my sin and yours, Jesus could have come down off that cross and ten thousand angels, would have come for him, but he didn’t, why? Because of the, love Jesus had for you and me, on that hot rainy-day there was two men on the cross one of the man said Jesus remember me, Jesus, said this day you will be with me in paradise, the other man on the cross said if you say you are Jesus come down and save yourself, but if Jesus had came down, his mission would not be complete.


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