Kids Books For All Ages

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Kids Books for All Ages

Children’s books are unique in the publishing world. Filled with full-color images and often formatted in unique ways, children’s books require more finesse to publish than many other genres. If you’ve written a kids’ book, you should choose a publisher that has experience with stories like yours.

That’s where Palmetto Publishing can help. 

Dozens of kids’ books have been published with Palmetto’s services. These books demonstrate how Palmetto Publishing can take your story and turn it into physical copies of which you can be proud. Let’s explore some of the best children’s books Palmetto Publishing has supported and explore how you can publish your own with Palmetto’s services.

Palmetto Publishing’s Favorite Children’s Books

The genre “children’s literature,” or #kidlit, covers a wide range of stories. A children’s book can be aimed at infants, kindergarteners, or 10-year-old kids, so the writing style, content, and illustrations can vary. A great publisher will support kids’ books for all ages, including everything from image-heavy books for toddlers to chapter books aimed at eager readers. 

Palmetto has worked with children’s authors to publish books across the whole genre. The four examples below demonstrate how our formatting services can support kids’ literature of every kind. These books are a cross-section of our best and most entertaining kids’ books for all ages.

Arbol the Pear Tree


Arbol is a story that describes the lessons Isabella learns from her grandma through a pear tree. However, it is not until she experiences the lessons that she fully understands the value of her grandma’s advice. As the snow melts, flowers bloom, seasons pass, a new cycle resumes. Life blinks before Isabella’s eyes.

Charlotte’s Hair


Hey, Little Queens! What’s Hair? Just hair, they say! Black hair, Brown hair, Straight hair, and curly hair. You have seen many kinds, right? Tender headed? Yeah, charlotte was too! But she loved what she saw when mama did her hair and held on to just what mama and papa told her! Now she’s over that fear and wants her friends to know you can be too!

Buggle Meets the New Baby


Geared for ages zero to five, this delightfully illustrated read-along picture book tells all about the exciting day when a little monster meets his new baby sister. At first Buggle is frustrated and sad because she is too little to play with him and his toys, but he soon learns a cool way they can have fun together and bond. The lighthearted tone of this refreshing story will bring a smile to kids and adults alike.

Clarence the Christmas Cow


Clarence looks like every other cow, but there is something different about him… Clarence loves Christmas! He has always dreamed of getting the chance to help fly Santa’s sleigh. There is one little problem – Clarence is a cow, not a reindeer, and cows can’t fly… or can they?

Publishing Your Own Children’s Book

If you’re ready to publish your own kids’ book, the fastest solution is self-publishing. When you decide to self-publish a book, you don’t need to worry about finding an agent or pitching your story to publishers. You can get right to the process of illustrating, formatting, and printing your book. 

Of course, self-publishing takes some work, too. Children’s literature’s unique considerations can be confusing and potentially delay your publishing schedule unless you’re prepared for them. 

  • Pay attention to illustrations. The pictures set #kidlit apart from other genres in terms of formatting. A kids’ book could involve large, glossy full-page color pictures, or it could include simple grayscale sketches. Either way, you need to carefully consider how those pictures will work with the book’s text when you’re putting your draft together. Working with a professional illustrator can help you get pictures that match your vision.
  • Work with a professional formatter. Experienced book formatters understand how to combine text and images to make your book look great. They also understand how considerations like bleed and margins will affect your final product. Services like Palmetto’s Book Interior Formatting will help you design a book that looks great and flows well.
  • Get proofs and study them carefully. After you’ve worked with a formatter to create a solid draft, you should get proofs or sample copies of your book. Check these proofs for printing errors, typos, and other minor issues that weren’t obvious in digital formats. You may go through two or three sets of proofs before you’re confident in your final product. This ensures that it looks beautiful and professional when you officially publish the story, just like you dreamed it would.

You can learn more about the details involved in this process by reading Palmetto’s guide on how to self-publish a children’s book.

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How Palmetto Can Help

You don’t have to face the self-publishing process alone. You can choose to work with a service like Palmetto Publishing to handle the process from start to finish. Palmetto is a top-tier publishing company that has helped hundreds of authors bring their dreams to life.

Some of the children’s literature services Palmetto offers include:

  • Illustrations: Palmetto can connect you with professional illustrators in your preferred style to fill your book with gorgeous pictures.
  • Interior Formatting: Palmetto’s formatters will take your illustrations and story and combine them into a beautiful, professional book design.
  • Book Editing: You can work with Palmetto’s editors to ensure your story is easy to read and error-free.
  • Book Cover Design: Your cover is the face your book presents to the world. Our talented cover designers will make sure it makes a great first impression.
  • Book Printing: Once your book is finished, Palmetto will print it for you, whether you want on-demand printing or large quantities at once.
  • Book Marketing: Part of being a successful author is marketing your book. Palmetto’s marketing services will help you spread the word about your book and increase your sales.

Publish Your Kids’ Book With Palmetto

If you have a dream about publishing your own children’s book, you can make it a reality. Palmetto Publishing can help. 

Palmetto Publishing makes it easy to turn your book into a beautiful physical object you can hold and read. You can explore the other beautiful children’s literature we’ve already published or get started on publishing your own manuscript today.

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