The Benefits of eBook Conversion

January 21, 20213 min. Read

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Everything has gone digital, including books. With digital, it is not only possible but becoming essential to deliver a complete reading experience and offer updated content to readers that can adjust to various screen sizes. These options are possible with an eBook conversion. 

As eBooks and their readers have grown more popular, readers are coming to expect to find an electronic option available for books they want to read. Besides availability, there are several other benefits of ebook conversion that make it a well-spent investment for authors, especially when you work with Palmetto Publishing

What is eBook Conversion? 

An eBook conversion is when a hard copy of a book or document is made into a digital format such as HTML, epub, Mobi, PDF, etc. eBook conversions services consist of processes like print to a digital copy, documents, articles, catalogs, magazines, and so on to eBooks. The latest services include interactive and multimedia elements made mostly for this digital version. 

How eBook Conversion Works 

The eBook conversion process is a very lengthy process requiring attention to detail and skill with digital formatting. The entire process of correctly organizing and formatting the relevant information includes scanning the hard copy or data source and then converting it into the required digital format.

High-quality scanners and specific programs that professional publishers use make this process more comfortable but still time-consuming. At Palmetto Publishing, our eBook conversion services start at $399, which includes the EPUB file that can be used on most eBook devices and platforms such as Kindle, Nook, and iBook. We create both Flowable and Fixed Layout eBooks.

eBook Conversion Benefits  

eBooks have grown more popular for readers because transport is more convenient, it costs less, and they do not require a massive bookshelf for storage. Simultaneously, access to ebooks via devices we already own like tablets and phones, or dedicated and impressive readers, like Kindles or Nooks, adds to the ebook’s appeal.

There are other advantages of converting your manuscript into an eBooks, including:

  • Different format options
  • Easily edit and make modifications for future editions.
  • Create and share notes in the text
  • Lend and transfer books 
  • Purchase books on the go
  • Quickly search for quotes, passages, and bookmarks.

How can eBook Conversion Benefit your Book?  

Some people hold more value in reading a physical book versus a digital version, but in truth, the more people curl up to either a paperback or a Kindle, the better for all books and the authors who write them. 

This argument also neglects the various accessibility aspects that having a digital copy available provides. If you were to consider every potential consumer, you would need to have printed books, audiobooks, and eBooks.

But eBooks allow us to make one version for all users instead of having a print edition, a braille edition, a large print edition, and an audiobook. With eBooks, we can include everyone in our audience with just one format. 

For authors, they can broaden their reach, increase reader engagement, lower the costs, and sell more by converting their book into a longer-lasting, updatable ebook. Palmetto Publishing conveniently offers eBook conversion as an add-on service to our required Cover Design and Interior Formatting services. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!. 

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