Benefits of Print on Demand Publishing

December 8, 20213 min. Read

Self-publishing a book comes with many benefits, such as higher royalty payments and maintaining complete control of your work. Unfortunately, self-publishing can also be very expensive — especially when it comes to printing your book.

‌Digital platforms are the most cost-effective way for self-published authors to publish their work. However, many readers still prefer a physical book to a digital device. 

‌Self-published authors are turning to on demand printing services as a cost-effective way to sell their books in printed formats.

‌Print on Demand Books

Print on demand publishing is revolutionizing the self-publishing industry by providing a cost-effective way for authors to print their titles.

‌The following list contains four benefits of using print on demand services.

‌1. Keeps Titles In Stock

The average consumer spends less than 20 seconds deciding whether or not to buy your book. If they do decide to purchase your book, then it needs to be in stock.

‌The book industry is very competitive, and readers have a lot of options for books in your genre. Not having a title in stock is one of the fastest ways to lose a potentially loyal new reader.

‌Thankfully, print on demand books are always in stock. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about losing a reader due to not having a title available.

2. Quality and Variety

‌Print on demand companies such as IngramSpark offers you a variety of high-quality printing options, including:

  • Trim sizes
  • Jacketed hardcovers
  • Case hardcover
  • Paperback bindings
  • Gloss or matte covers
  • Black and white printing
  • Premium color interior printing

‌‌Many print on demand companies are also partnered with digital platforms. So, in addition to printing your book, they can list it on major online retailer platforms for you.

‌3. Prints Books as They’re Ordered

‌Storing and maintaining all of your titles can be inconvenient. You either have to find a place in your home for them or pay for a storage unit.

Alternatively and conveniently, print on demand books are kept on file so readers can order them anytime. You won’t be responsible for maintaining an inventory — which can become extensive if you write several books.

‌In addition, if your book needs to be updated, you don’t have to worry about being stuck with obsolete inventory.

‌4. Easily Make Updates to Existing Books

‌The nonfiction genre is constantly changing due to information from new research and advancing technology. As a result, many books need to be updated to reflect the new information.

‌With print on demand publishing, you can easily update your book. First, make the updates to your book. Then save the new file. Finally, log in to the print on demand company you use to upload and replace the old file with the new one.

‌Learn More about Print on Demand at Palmetto Publishing

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