How Palmetto Publishing Can Help You With Your Book

January 12, 20225 min. Read

You’ve finished writing your book and are excited about getting it published. At the same time, you may be concerned about retaining creative control, high costs, and a long publishing process.

That’s where Palmetto Publishing services come in.

You deserve a collaborative, fast, and affordable self-publishing process, and Palmetto Publishing is passionate about providing just that. Check out the six services below we offer that are 100% tailored to meet your unique publishing needs.

Self-publishing remains a popular choice for many contemporary authors.

Cover Design

Your book cover design is often the first element that catches a reader’s eye. That’s why our cover design services options are so varied. No matter which choice you go with, you are guaranteed a back cover, the International Standard Book Number (ISBN), and the barcode, along with your professional book design.

Palmetto Cover: Starting at $599

  • One cover concept
  • One image from the Getty Images library
  • One round of changes

Custom Cover: Starting at $699

  • Two cover concepts
  • Up to two images from the Getty Images library
  • Two rounds of changes

Complex Cover: Starting at $899

  • Three cover concepts
  • Up to four images from the Getty Images library
  • Three rounds of changes

Illustrative Cover: Starting at $899

  • One custom image across the front, back, and spine
  • One cover concept
  • One round of changes

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Interior Formatting

A poorly formatted book can lead to a less immersive experience for the reader. Moreover, every genre will have a unique layout that readers expect. Our book formatting offers are crafted with the reader in mind, focusing on such factors as the book title page, font size, page color, and line spacing.

Palmetto: Starting at $599

  • Print interior
  • One image
  • One round of up to 25 text changes

Custom Interior: Starting at $699

  • One print interior
  • Up to 25 images, three may be from Getty Images library
  • Two rounds of up to 50 text changes

Complex Interior: Starting at $899

  • One print interior
  • Up to 100 images, five may be from Getty Images library
  • Index, text boxes, table formatting
  • Three rounds of up to 50 text changes

Complex Plus: Starting at $1,699

  • Consultation with design mock-up before interior creation
  • One Print interiorary
  • Over 100 images, five may be from the Getty image library
  • Index, text boxes, table formatting
  • Three rounds of changes

Bonus: eBook Conversion $399

You can choose to purchase an eBook conversion as an add-on to any of the services above. Our true EPUB format conversion makes your book accessible on Kindle, Nook, and iBook, among others. You can also pick from a flowable or fixed-layout eBook.

Book Illustrations

Your book illustrations are more than just artwork. They bring your story and its message to life. The book illustration process offered by our team honors this by working with you to find the perfect illustrator match for your book. Keep in mind that our illustrators do not receive royalties, a big bonus over traditional publishers.

Full Page: Starting at $349

  • One illustration on a page

Half Page: Starting at $249

  • Half-page illustration paired with text

Spot Illustration: Starting at $199

  • Small illustration surrounded by text


You may want simple edits for grammar and spelling, or perhaps you’d like a good amount of re-writes. Maybe you’re not even sure how far you’d like your editing to go. Luckily, we have plentiful book editing options to help you get started and industry experts ready to advise you.

Copy Editing: Starting at $.03 Per Word

  • Ensures language follows English rules and stylistic guides
  • Improves sentence clarity and flow
  • Basic edits of grammar and punctuation

Line Editing: Starting at $.038 Per Word

  • Feedback on plot, structure, and characterization
  • Recommendations for improving tone and organization
  • Edits of grammar and punctuation

Developmental Editing: Starting at $.09 Per Word

  • Evaluation of book as a whole
  • Markups on structure, flow, and storyline
  • Analysis of book’s message for the target audience


To offer the best book printing services available, we collaborate with IngramSpark, a self-publishing platform of Ingram Content Group. You can use Ingram’s publish-on-demand services, publishing a set amount of books. Even better, you can have your book distributed to over 40,000 retailers, both in brick-and-mortar locations and online. Ingram is highly respected in the self-publishing industry for its top-quality printing, wide printing options, fast delivery, and reliable shipping.

Custom Printing Services

If you’re interested in book printing for author-related events or independent sales, you can choose our custom print services. Here, you can select among numerous printing choices:

  • Book interior text paper stock options
  • Book sizes
  • Custom book cover finishes
  • Custom bookbinding options
  • Custom book cover styles
  • Interior book text print type and image printing

The pricing model for book printing depends on trim size, paperweight, hardcover vs. paperback, dust jackets, page count, and the number of books ordered.


These days, there seems to be an endless amount of platforms to market to, both online and offline. Our book marketing opportunities begin with a phone call with the marketing team to discuss strategy. From there, you can choose the best marketing approach for you.

Marketing Copy: Starting at $249

You will receive a book description and back cover text along with a professional author bio. You’ll also be provided with five optimized keywords to use to boost search engine results for your book.

Press Release: Starting at $229

Our marketing team will write a press release for you to send to media outlets and use at book release events or other publicity efforts.

Press Release Distribution: Starting at $499-$799

We will choose from our nearly 800,000 media contacts to send a targeted press release campaign and increase your visibility.

Author Website: Starting at $1,599

Our design team will collaborate with you to design your dream author website with your bio, links to relevant websites and social media pages, and anything else you’d like.

Marketing Package: Starting at $1,899-$2,300

If you want to take your marketing efforts even further, you can invest in our marketing package, which consists of:

  • A press release
  • Marketing copy
  • Press release distribution
  • Two free posters for book signings
  • 100 free custom-designed postcards
  • 20 free softcover books
  • 250 free custom-designed business cards

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And there you have it — all Palmetto Publishing services! Remember, publishing your book should be an exciting time for you, not one filled with stress and confusion. Get in contact with us today to make your self-publishing journey as smooth, easy, and fun as it should be.

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