How To Push Through Delays

January 27, 20223 min. Read

Writing a book is a daunting task. As you may have already discovered, it calls for much more than having a great story in mind. You will likely hit some roadblocks in the writing and publishing processes.

In addition to writing, there are details like developing a professional book design, book interior formatting, book title page, and book cover design to consider. But don’t worry! There are plenty of strategies to help you push through common delays in writing and publishing. 

Dealing With Writer’s Block 

Writer’s block happens when you feel like you can’t type another word, either because there’s just nothing there or because you can’t make a decision from the overwhelmingly abundant ideas floating around in your head. 

To combat writer’s block, give yourself a schedule. You might be contributing to your own delay if you are waiting around for the best time to write. If you don’t have a plan in place, your book may just become an ongoing project for the future. 

You may also need a break. Sometimes moving your body will help move ideas around in your head. Stand up and stretch or move positions. Grab a coffee. Get outside for a little fresh air. You will return with the energy and space to keep working. 

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Editing While Writing

Don’t start editing your book until you are completely done with your first draft. Editing is a great skill but a different skill than writing, so it uses a different part of your brain. If you start editing in the middle of your writing time, it’ll be hard to switch back to writing, and you may have just cut your writing time short. You can also leave it to the experts and find a book editing service if editing is something that is really weighing on you.

Pushing Past the Middle 

As you approach the midpoint of writing your book, it may feel like you have given an incredible amount of time and energy to your project but still have so much work ahead. Do not rely on motivation to keep you going. Rely on the habits you have developed. Work during your scheduled time, give yourself healthy breaks, then keep writing. After pushing past the middle of your book, you may find that the rest of the journey feels more manageable! 

Hiring an Editor and Publisher 

After finishing the writing process, congratulate yourself! But don’t let your good work go to waste. Make sure you really see your project to the end and employ assistance with things like book editing, book printing, and book marketing. If these tasks are delaying the return that you wish to see from all your hard work, consider book editing services or a self-publishing company like Palmetto Publishing

If you stick with it, writing and publishing a book can be a rewarding experience. Don’t get stuck in the process and abandon your project. Find ways to push through the most common delays and if you need assistance, contact Palmetto Publishing today to learn more about services that can help you reach your goals. 

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