How to Combat Writer’s Block

February 27, 20213 min. Read

Every professional writer (or aspiring one) has been hit with writer’s block at one point or another. It can feel as if all of your ideas have stopped flowing or you are staring at a blank page and can’t get the words started while you’re busy overcoming writer’s block. There are writer’s block exercises, writer’s block cards, even whole books on the subject but the question remains how to combat writer’s block?

First, let us take a look at what writer’s block really is. While there are discussions of it and everyone’s experienced it in one form or another, what actually is writer’s block? Read on for a deeper look.


What Is Writer’s Block?

The generally understood definition of writer’s block is a stoppage in your ability to write. You may sit and stare at the proverbial blank page without being able to get started. The term refers to an inability to produce work. Now, what is writer’s block? It isn’t because the writer has become lazy or drained themselves of all ideas. You’ve just hit a hurdle in the journey of draft writing.

Writer’s Block And Your Work

The effect of writer’s block on your work is, of course, obvious and detrimental. Your work is at a standstill like a stalled car and needs a spark! What might not seem as obvious though are the reasons behind your writer’s block causes? Generally, it’s caused by anxiety around the quality of your work. The silent or not so silent judge in your mind might be keeping you from writing.

Help with writer’s block can start with these simple reminders to yourself.

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Overcoming Writer’s Block

Remind yourself that this doesn’t have to be a perfect performance. It is not your one and only chance; your ‘make it or break it moment’. This is just a draft that you will improve and perfect over and over.

With an editor that you trust at your side much of the anxiety around this process can be taken away. It’s easier to get your first draft done, even if it isn’t a masterpiece, when you know you can rely on your editor and publishing team. After all, no one has ever published the first draft of their work.

Removing the anxieties that you’re having about your writing is the best answer for how to get rid of writer’s block. Overcoming writer’s block is more about getting out of your own way than anything else. Knowing you have a safety net to catch you certainly helps ease these fears.

At Palmetto Publishing our editors work with you to make sure your writing is customized and polished, ready for publishing. With copyediting, line editing and developmental editing available you don’t have to worry about getting off track with your story or overworking a sentence. We help you make each version closer to envisioned work of art.

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