Why Should You Have an Author Newsletter?

Once you have a following, you will want to keep your audience and hopefully grow it as well. One way to do so is through an author newsletter. It helps you to connect with your audience and engage them in your ongoing work.

‌What is an Author Newsletter?‌

An author newsletter, or a writer newsletter, is a way to communicate with your audience directly. Social media uses algorithms that affect how many of your audience members see your content. With a newsletter, you can drop all of your announcements into their inbox.

‌How to Write an Author Newsletter

‌ The first step to creating an author newsletter is to choose a newsletter service. Several reputable ones are available, and many of them have a free tier to help get you started. If you’re new to digital periodicals, make sure that you watch and read as much as possible about your chosen publishing platform. 

‌A good newsletter service will provide you with templates. Once you’ve chosen the one that best fits your brand, you can begin creating content for your newsletter. 

You want to make sure to embed a subscription form on your website to capture email addresses. This helps you to grow your audience with automated systems.  

‌What to Include in Your Author Newsletter

‌ Your newsletter represents your brand and should match the theme and tone of your writings. You want to angle accordingly. 

‌The following list contains some ideas you could include in your newsletter.

‌1. Author Updates and News

  • Announcements about upcoming books
  • Pre-sale and sale dates for your new books
  • Book tour dates and locations
  • Merchandise launches

2. Personal Updates

‌Your audience follows you because they’re interested in you. Therefore, your newsletter should contain some personal information, but not too personal. 

Relationship or family information can be shared if you’re comfortable with doing so. Alternatively, you could include your favorite hobbies, movies, music, or podcasts.

3. Promos and Sale‌s

An author newsletter provides a perfect outlet for notifying your audience of upcoming promotions and sales. In addition, you can build your email list by offering an exclusive author promotion to your newsletter recipients.

An interested audience will gladly sign up for a newsletter that includes insider information and sneak peeks at your latest work. 

‌4. Affiliate Links

‌Affiliate links are a great way to use your brand to earn some extra income.

‌The products you choose to partner with can be business-related and linked in the author update. They can also be products you use in your personal life, which you would link in your personal update. 

‌5. Giveaways

Who doesn’t love free stuff? We’re sure your audience does. One of the best ways to up your audience engagement is through giveaways. Giveaways can include:

  • Book promotion
  • Merchandise
  • Meet and greet tickets

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