How to Become a Co-Author of a Book

December 16, 20213 min. Read

Popular authors in high demand are faced with the pressure to produce more books. To help relieve some of this pressure, an author may seek out a co-author.

‌What is a Co-Author

‌A co-author is someone that contributes a substantial amount of work to a project. They are also known as a joint author or co-writer. Co-authors can contribute to various projects in different ways.

Some examples of co-authoring include:

  • Novels or series – When you co-author these books, you will collaborate with the author or book owner. Once the story has been outlined, you typically divide up the chapters. If the work is divided equally, the author and co-author will usually split the royalties evenly.
  • Anthology books – This type of book may have many co-authors that contribute to an individual short story. This strategy is excellent for marketing you and your previous works. The publishing company can cross-promote the various co-authors and get audiences’ attention from each of the co-authors. Furthermore, the other co-author’s readers will be exposed to your work, and you could add to your following.
  • Poetry books – For poetry, you may collaborate with one or several other co-authors to create a collection of poems. Depending on the project, you may be restricted to sticking to one specific theme. On the other hand, the book may be divided into sections with different themes for you to contribute.

Author Vs. Co-Author

If an author and co-author contribute an equal amount of work on a project, why aren’t they both co-authors? The most significant difference between an author and co-author is the author developed the concept. The author is also in charge of the writing style and format. Finally, the author often has the final say and approval over the co-author’s work.

As a co-author, you collaborate and assist the author with various writing and creative tasks. Areas the co-author may be asked to assist the author with include:

  • Outlining the book
  • Writing chapters
  • Developing characters
  • Developing the plot

How Do You Become a Co-Author?

The path to becoming a co-author is different for everyone. You can co-author material for any field in which you have experience.

‌In most cases, you will need a bachelor’s degree or higher.

As long as you have good writing skills, you can seek a co-author job on various job sites. One of the most popular networking sites is LinkedIn.

Also, you can inquire about co-author positions at publishing companies. Publishing companies often have in-house co-authors on hand to assist their authors when needed.

Finding a Co-Author

How to find a co-author will depend on what kind of project you’re doing. Authors can post a co-author position on job sites, ask their publisher for recommendations, search various job sites, or contact a local university, to name a few.

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