Choosing An Illustrator For Your Children’s Book

June 23, 20213 min. Read


Children’s books can vary from board books to chapter books and beyond, but one thing most have in common is the inclusion of illustrations. These come in all shapes and sizes: photographs, sketches and line art, paintings, and more can be included. So how do you choose an illustrator for your children’s book? Let’s dig in.

Writing Children’s Books

Once you’ve decided who your audience is, you’ll be able to work out the structure of your book. This will dictate your word count, book layout, and even the amount of images your final product contains. When you’ve got your big idea all laid out, you can start writing. 

When writing children’s books, it’s important to have the illustrations in mind and to make sure your pacing works in context. This step might take more time than anticipated since, believe it or not, it can be difficult to condense. To get the best idea of how to structure your book, check out other books in the genre and age group you’re also going for! 

Book Illustrators

So your book is written, and you’ve had an all-star book editor review it. Now what? This usually winds up being the most expensive stage of the process. When it comes to the illustrations, you get what you pay for. 

Luckily, Palmetto Publishing offers book illustrator services with various options depending on how much of the page you need to be covered – full page illustration, half page illustration, or spot illustration. Palmetto Publishing has a range of artists ready to work with you and make your cover and interior art just right.

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What To Look For in A Book Illustrator

No matter who you work with, you’ll want to make sure they’re someone you feel comfortable with, understands your vision, and is a good communicator. With a dedicated team of artists who can work in a variety of different styles, you’re bound to find your perfect match with Palmetto Publishing. 

Whether you’re interested in hand-drawn sketches, watercolor paintings, or digital illustrations, you’ll find someone who can make it happen.

Working With A Book Illustrator

Working with an illustrator requires good communication. For each image, you’ll have to talk to them about every little detail, such as whether you’ll want a thorough background, how many people you want in the image, working around your text layout, the shape and size of your book, and even discuss revisions. 

Just remember: this part takes time. It might be a couple of months before you see all of the finished artwork, but it will be worth it.

Book Illustration Services 

You can count on Palmetto Publishing to fulfill your publishing needs throughout all parts of the process. Our book illustration services can only be purchased in addition to the required Cover Design and Interior Formatting services. 

With a competitive rate for spot, half-page, and full-page illustrations as well, you’ll be glad Palmetto Publishing was your one-stop for all of your book publishing needs. Contact us today to get started. 

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