Different Types of Book Illustrations

December 23, 20213 min. Read

Illustrations aren’t just for children’s books. No matter what genre you’re writing for, book illustrations can help create an immersive experience for your readers.

Many popular books offer an illustrated version that allows the readers to see the author’s vision. Additionally, illustrations help convey messages and draw attention to specific details.

Illustration Styles

‌The first step to adding illustrations to your book is to decide what scenes you want to illustrate. Once you’ve determined the “what,” the next step is to decide which illustration style to use.

‌Learn more about the most popular book illustration styles.

‌Traditional Book Illustration

With the traditional book illustration style, the illustrator typically uses pencils to draw the picture and watercolors to paint the details. As a result, the illustrations are colorful and detailed. This style is typical in children’s books — especially fairytales.

Graphite Book Illustration

The graphite book illustration technique uses a graphite pencil. The illustrations are black and white and can range in design. This style is an excellent choice for realistic illustrations. However, it can also be used for black and white cartoons.

Marker Book Illustration

Marker book illustrations are great for creating colorful cartoons. Some excellent uses for this type of illustration include comic books and manga.

Pen and Ink Book Illustration

The pen and ink book illustration style results in bold pictures. This style can be very detailed, but shading with this technique can be challenging. Illustrations using pen and ink can be black and white or colorful.

‌Color Pencil Book Illustration

Color pencil book illustrations can range from pale pastel colors to vibrant, bold colors. When using this style, the lines are smooth and not as bold as ink illustrations. Additionally, the color pencils can blend to create very detailed and colorful images.

Watercolor Book Illustration

Watercolor book illustrations create a delicate, transparent look. They are usually paler and often used for serious scenes. However, they can also be used to make beautiful scenes for children’s books. 

Acrylic Book Illustration

Acrylic book illustrations create stunningly vibrant pictures. With acrylic paints, the illustrator can easily create various textures using vivid colors.

Freehand Digital Book Illustration

Freehand digital book illustrations are a great way to create an image that looks like a painting but is actually digital. One of the many benefits of using this type of illustration is how easy it is to modify the image.

The illustrator uses layers to create the image. If you want to change the image, illustrators can simply modify the layer or layers. Therefore, they don’t have to recreate the image from scratch.

‌Digital Vector Book Illustration

‌Digital vector book illustrations are created using digital coding. By using this method, an illustration’s size and dimensions can be changed without being distorted.

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