Why You Need a Cover Designer

August 31, 20213 min. Read

The cover of your book will be the first thing a potential reader judges. We’ve all heard the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” and yet we all do it. 

Your cover design should spark an engaging reaction from your potential readers. To do this, you need a cover that speaks to your target audience. 

A professional cover designer can take the creative pressure off of you. 

‌What is a book cover designer?

A book cover designer is essential to the production of any book. Creating the perfect book cover isn’t an easy task and there are many steps involved. They include:

  1. Overseeing all design elements. Book covers have a lot of elements including fonts and illustrations.
  2. Knowing the genres. Book covers will vary based on their genre. A book cover designer needs to know the different styles for each genre. 
  3. Designing a mockup cover. A cover designer will create mock-ups for the author or publishing company to consider. It can take several mock-ups before a design gets approved. 
  4. Finalizing the design. Once a mock-up has been approved, the designer will finalize the design.

‌Book cover designer

When searching for a book cover designer, you’ll want to look for specific qualities. Just because someone knows how to use graphic design software doesn’t mean they know how to create a successful book cover. 

Before you team up with a book cover designer, make sure the individual:

  • Has graphic design and computer software skills.
  • Is easy to collaborate with. 
  • Has experience with the publishing industry.
  • Has access to a variety of design tools and typefaces.
  • Has a list of prior clients with testimonials and references.

Design a Book Cover

Designing a book cover begins by knowing your target audience. You will need to do some research into the psychology of your audience. What colors, shapes, and images will they appreciate.

Once you know your audience, begin to brainstorm ideas for your book cover. You can begin taking notes on bestseller books with the same target audience as you. Write down details about those book’s covers. 

Another brainstorming idea is to create a mood board. This board can be physical or digital. Find illustrations, art, colors, and shapes that speak to your book and audience.

Use the information you’ve gathered to begin designing your book cover. 

‌Cover Design Services

Many authors seek out professional design services. However, before you decide on a design service, make sure it’s not a scam.

The cover design service you choose should be reputable. Many writers find services via word of mouth. If you don’t know anyone that can make a recommendation, then make sure the company has a good history with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 


Publishing with Palmetto Publishing Group‌‌

Palmetto Publishing Group has knowledgeable, experienced book cover design artists available to assist you. Our team can also help with your book’s interior formatting, illustrations, editing, printing, and marketing.

Deemed a “Most Ethical Publisher” by the BBB, our company is here to help you self-publish your work. For more information, schedule a time to chat with one of our friendly professionals.

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