How to Choose an Editor for Your Book

February 27, 20213 min. Read

You’ve written a book, congratulations! Now comes the next most important part of the process. Do you know how to choose an editor for your book? Finding a book editor can be a complex process. Namely, where do you go to find a freelance editor? Who do you turn to if you’re looking for self-publishing editors?

The answer to these questions can take some time to reveal themselves. However, if you’re looking for a trusted source to turn your manuscript into a professionally published and highly-marketable book there are three things to check before choosing an editor.

First, do they have a good track record? You don’t want your book to be an editor’s first try! Second, are they a specialized book editor? Someone who works mainly with articles or magazines might not know all the intricacies of being a book editor. Third, do they take royalties? Indeed, you’ve done the work of getting your book out into the world, make sure you own it!

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Should I Hire a Freelance Editor?

When you look for a freelance editor it can be difficult to verify if someone has a strong track record, especially beyond basic sentence structuring. When you work with Palmetto Publishing, for example, you can safely assume our editors have worked with many book manuscripts as a copyeditor, line editor, and provide developmental editing services.

With a strong track record and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, our experience speaks for itself. This provides the security of knowing that no matter where you are in the process, you will get comprehensive feedback from a seasoned book editor.

Is it Worth it to Hire a Book Editor?

A book editor knows that their work goes beyond a grammatical check. There’s a lot more detail required. Hence, why it’s important to choose an editor for your book that actually is a book editor.

Further, specialized book editors know what’s needed to get a manuscript into a publishing-ready state. They can help you look at the structure and effectiveness of your manuscript. Giving you comprehensive feedback on focusing the message of your work for the audience.

We generally recommend that writers, especially those looking to self-publish, have their manuscript edited or proofread more than once in the process. This gives you time to work with your book editor to ensure all areas of your work are at their best.

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Self-publishing Editors

Finally, when choosing an editor for your book remember to check if they are self-publishing editors. You don’t want to get yourself in a situation where an editor is getting royalties from your hard work. At Palmetto Publishing Group our book editors are self-publishing editors and we strongly support your ownership!

You own 100% of your work. Moreover, our work is to provide tools and it’s why we take 0% royalties. You get all of the custom creative support that you need, and your work remains yours.

With this in mind, are you ready to get started with a book editor that’s working to get you published? Contact us today!

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