How to Write a Book Description That Sells

February 27, 20213 min. Read

You’ve written a book – congratulations! Now it’s time to make sure it has the best possible chance to succeed! Let’s have a look at how to write a book description without giving away the best parts of the plot while still writing a book description that sells.

How To Write A Book Description

The first object when writing your book description is to get all of the important points and relevant information down while making sure it’s enticing to potential reader. Touch on important points like the main character(s) and major difficulty or challenge they face.

Your book description should be short and should follow in the style of the book. Furthermore, it should engage the reader into wondering how the story unfolds. Allude to the mysteries that might be uncovered but without giving away the resolution.

An attention-grabbing blurb that brings your readers in and makes it easy for them to find your book but one that sells is one that uses the right book description words. When writing a book description from scratch you also need to know the categorization your book falls under and then use keywords in your book description that help your book.

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Book Description And Book Description Keywords

The keywords in your book description will determine its searchability. A book description that sells depends heavily on the book description words you use. These book description words determine the categorization and searchability of your book. So make sure you’re using the right ones for readers to find your book.

Research your audience and what words books in your genre have used. Think about what your intended audience gravitates towards and weave those words in. Make a list of all the words and phrases that are associated with your book.

For fiction, that might include themes, places, things. In non-fiction, for example, the word ‘dream’’ could relate to dream symbols, career dreams, lucid dreams, and many more options, so use keyword phrases where possible and try to be as specific as possible in order to find your correct target audience. You can also use various tools to help you generate possible keyword options

Once you have that you can start trimming the overall book description to make sure it all makes sense while using the right descriptor words.

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Writing A Book Description

Writing a book description is an important step when publishing your work. This carefully crafted paragraph that is true to your text and communicates your story in the best way can be challenging yet it is vital to marketing your book. Thus, the best answer for how to write a book description might just be to have someone else write it for you.

With our marketing copy service our copy editors craft book descriptions that sell, back cover texts that captivate, and professional author biographies. We also will provide you with five keywords to help optimize your book’s searchability and categorization.

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