Social Media Marketing for Authors

May 21, 20214 min. Read

When we think of ways to use social media marketing that have a real impact on growing your author’s platform and successfully launching a book, we should have the right aim to be happy with the results. 

For instance, the number of people who may like, comment, follow, retweet, or share is much lower than the number of people who will click through and buy a book. Therefore, social media should not be a mass strategy but instead focus on building a one-on-one connection that will grow exponentially over time. 

In that way, social media marketing for authors can be an effective use of your time. Let’s understand this approach and learn how your book publisher can also be a part of this strategy. 

What is Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing is when users can use company social media channels to buy a brand’s products and services. Social media marketing has become an excellent tool for anyone to reach new customers, engage with existing customers, and promote their work.

For authors, especially new ones, we think it’s best to start with the most popular platforms before seeking your audience on more obscure channels.

The most popular social media channels in 2020, where you can follow proven ad strategies and generate consistent ROI, are below. When you present an enticing story engagingly via the right medium for people to find it, then there is no limit to how big you can scale your social media marketing.

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. Pinterest
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Snapchat
  7. Tik Tok
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Social Media for Writers

Choosing to use social media to promote your writing is the right way to go so long as you know what tactics to use and who to follow so that your efforts will not go in vain. The one-on-one approach is proven for engaged audiences, which is why Goodreads is a great social media platform designed specifically for writers, but useful for authors since it exists for the sole purpose of connecting authors and their readers. 

Most people on Goodreads join as readers, where you can sign up as either a reader or an author; each option has its unique abilities.

Developing a Social Media Strategy for Authors 

The truth is that gaining a following on social media organically takes a lot of time. We talked about the one-on-one approach, which will go far in the long run, but if reaching followers more effectively and efficiently is your concern, adding advertising to your social media marketing strategy is the best way forward. 

Focusing on one or a combination of the social media channels listed above depends on precisely what audience you are looking for and how your book can be most effective on that channel using the platform’s inherent tools. 

Book Marketing Services

Authors should take charge of their book’s social media marketing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some professional help from your publisher in the other marketing areas. Instead, with professional book marketing services, you can leverage their reach and experience as the best use of your marketing budget. 

At Palmetto Publishing, we can provide support with our book marketing services

We’re ready to get your book into the hands of readers, so contact us today!

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